Healing Sole

December 2017 –

Stress is a necessary response to survive, but it doesn’t need to take charge of ordinary life. People are aware of the impact, but only after experiencing physical or mental problems. Research shows that stress can stimulate illness, create disorders, and give many inconveniences.

The 3 physical symptoms that are noticed most frequent, is ;

– Sleep disorder

– Disturbed digestion

– Tensed/ painful muscles

This footwear is a result of months of doing research on foot reflex therapy.

_DSC5210_DSC5190Each specific sole contains certain pressure points according to foot reflex therapy. By massaging the feet, it stimulates the energy flow and blood circulation. It results in relaxation, a better posture and it reduces stress in a short amount of time –


This footwear is designed in  3 types of shoes that help reduce specific problems.

– Yellow sole helps people  having a consistent sleep cycle

– Green sole helps the tensed muscles to relax

– Pink sole helps by a consistent digestion


This footwear is made with the modern technique of the CNC milling machine. The pressure points are poured silicone to perfectly imitate a foot reflex massage  The finish is handmade with eye for detail and comfort.