December 2018 –

This project is established by the collaboration between Willem de Kooning and Pharos (expertise center in health disparities) from Utrecht, the Netherland. I created a concept in order to create awareness about the harmful effects of Third-hand smoking on children.


The harmful effect of passive smoking is still unknown by many. But if you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it is not there.


Nowadays Third Hand Smoke (THS) is still unknown by many. This harmful yet frequently form of passive smoking has according to Trimbos Institute equally effects of smoking yourself. Babies and young children can be exposed easily by inhaling the polluted air, absorption through the skin and putting objects in their mouth.

In the first 3 months feeding the baby is the most frequent, physical moment of the day. This can take up to 3,5 hours a day. uring these moments of interaction can the baby be exposed easily by THS. The parent can even be a non- smoker. THS sticks to fabrics, nails and the hair of the parent and its surrounding.



With this project, I visualize the yet invisible THS in order to make parents/ guardians aware of the harmful effects on children by making burp cloths that visualize the presence of smoke on fabric.

I designed a series of burp cloths and bibs that are functional and remarkable. The fabrics are made from Hydrophilic cotton that is silk screen printed that create a realistic presence of smoke. The smoke has now become visible. 

My aim is to produce these bibs and burp cloths in the future in order to collect money for Longfonds. This makes more studies on lung diseases by children possible.