In 2020, I graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy departments Product Design with my project Floral Lab., I use my designs as a way to communicate my perspective of social and environmental impact of consumerism. 
I was introduced to the world of ceramics my mother who herself is a ceramic artist. Working with clay felt natural to me and in 2019, I decided to learn the craft and applied for an internship at Studio Mulders in Perth, Western Australia (WA) for my studies.
I designed the tableware and presented it at the Australian Ceramics Triennale in Hobart, Tasmania and at the Art Walk in Fremantle, WA. Both presentations turned out to be a great success what made me realize that ceramics was the perfect material to communicate my concepts. It did light up a spark in me that always aspired to become an entrepreneur. 
After coming back to Rotterdam, I applied for the minor Entrepreneurial Economy at the Hogeschool Rotterdam that led to starting my own label
SARI handcrafted ceramics. 
My work is designed to be durable and functional. All the ingredients are locally sourced and all the production happens in the Netherlands.
Get in touch with me for questions and collaborations.