Floral Lab.

Floral Lab. was a graduation project that I started with a drive to expand the lifespan of flowers but it evolved into an exploration of the power of plants. Even though having almost ten years of experience as a certified florist, I felt there is more to explore when it comes to flowers. I learned about the nomenclature, origin, care tips, floristry techniques and management, but nothing about the essence of flowers nor about their autonomy, reproduction, and their ability to heal and nurture us. 

Flowers are supposed to be a treasure of nature providing us with many benefits but it has been developed it into a lucrative but harmful mass-produced product over the years by the flower industry. 

As a florist, I’m truly amazed by flowers but considering the environmental impact and loss of its primary value, I believe it is necessary to reevaluate the lifecycle of flowers.



Plants contribute to a nutritious diet and a healthy ecosystem. They have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties which can support our immune system.

Through this project, I questioned the conventional flower industry by researching alternative ways to produce flowers and by studying the use of flowers in ancient times. My aim is to transform our current perspective on how we consume flowers and help people use these in their kitchens, cosmetics, and medicine cabinets.


Modular vase

Floral Lab. is a modular vase consisting of four elements made of ceramic and glass. Each element individually is multifunctional and inspired by kitchen tools like, sieve and mortar. The vase not only makes flower arrangement easier, but it also helps simplify the preparation of flowers for consumption when in full bloom.

This way, flowers can be valued beyond just their decorative purposes.



With Floral Lab., I aim to change the current perspective on flowers. Besides the vase as a tool for making consuming easier and fun, I share recipes on my Instagram to encourage people to use flowers in their kitchens, cosmetics and medicine cabinets. The seasonal recipes are developed by a range of experts, such as florists, chef’s, herbalists, etc. Together with florists, growers and people who support ‘slow flowers’, I want consumers to understand and make use of the full potential of flowers.

Coming soon

Floral Lab. can be ordered in early June 2022. Keep an eye on the webshop.