Research show that people eat 35% more from a large
plate with a double portion. This concludes that tableware can influence our serving size significantly. So why not using this psychology on positive influence? The organic shapes are designed to support mindful consumption.


The tableware collection contain of a plate, pasta bowl, pastry plate, and four types of bowls in a range of colours which are inspired by natural landscapes in the Netherlands and Western Australia - where the concept of this tableware collection was born.

Material and durability

This collection is made from stoneware clay, that is fired to 1260 degrees Celsius. This makes the ceramics durable, multi-functional, and safe to stack.

All the glazes are made from scratch by using various food safe raw materials, such as minerals, fluxes, clay and pigments.  

Local production 

Each piece is handcrafted with lots of care and attention to detail in my studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.