Tableware Collection

Healthy food choices combined with portion control are keys to a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that tableware can, unconsciously, increase our serving size up to 35%? The organic shaped tableware are designed to serve a natural portion size and invite you to consume each meal more mindful.

Food by Kooklijn, photography by Ayla Maagdenberg
Food by Kooklijn, photography by Ayla Maagdenberg

The collection contain of a plate, pasta bowl, pastry plate, and four types of bowls in a range of colours which are inspired by natural landscapes in the Netherlands and Western Australia - where this tableware collection is born.

The production of the tableware collection is done by hand in my studio in Rotterdam. Each piece is slip-casted in plaster moulds, carefully finished by hand, and fired to 1260 degrees Celsius. All glazes are food-safe and made from scratch by using various raw materials, such as minerals, fluxes, clay and pigments. 

The tableware is made to be durable, multi-functional, stackable and is suitable for at home or in a professional kitchen.