Made by hands

With a strong focus on sustainability, consumerism in modern society and functionality, I apply my profession as a florist & product designer to create ceramics that reveal new ways to consume more consciously.
The collection of vases and tableware is designed and partly produced in my ceramics studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

All pieces are handmade with eye for detail and quality. However each piece is selected with care, some irregularities in shape and colour may occur. We ask you to be kind about these smallest imperfections and love the handmade piece for your every day use.

Floral Lab

New ways to consume flowers

Flowers are supposed to be a treasure of nature. It's providing us many benefits but it has been developed it into a lucrative but harmful mass-produced product over the years by the flower industry.

Originally can plants contribute to a nutritious diet and a healthy ecosystem. They have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties which can support our immune system.

Floral Lab is a modular vase that consist of 4 multifunctional elements that help to simplify arranging flowers, and preparing flowers for culinary, medicinal, or for cosmetic purposes.

  • Multifunctional elements
  • Simplifies to style both bouquets and single flowers
  • Tool to prepare flowers for your natural remedy
  • Contributes to circular economy

Tableware Collection

Designed for portion control

Healthy food choices combined with portion control are keys to a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that tableware can, unconsciously, increase our serving size up to 35%? 

The organic shaped tableware are designed to serve a healthy portion size and invite you to consume each meal more mindful.

  • Approved and used by professional chefs
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Handcrafted of porcelain
  • Certified food safe glazes

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